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Gerry O'KaneFinancial journalist Gerry O’Kane can bring a broad spectrum of international experience to your business or publications, and a look through this site will give a feel for both the width and quality. To search the site for my articles, enter your keywords in the search box. To make contact, please use the contacts page in the top menu.

The articles contained within are by no means comprehensive, nor are the publications that are listed. The site sets out to illustrate the types of work done and even includes an interview with Bill Gates back in 1984.

While the site contains general pieces, technology and political writing, financial articles tend to dominate the past decade and a half. These range from unit trust/mutual fund articles, to analyses of more esoteric financial instruments, rules, regulations and infrastructure. It’s worth noting that many articles might only fall into one category, while others could fall into multiple categories but do not appear in each category you might expect so to avoid dull repetition across the site. This is also to stop the domination of more recent postings by Clean and Green tech/business stories.

The site structure is simple: if the top menu bar and search facility does not facilitate, find the ‘catergories box’ at the bottom of the right-hand column and use that.

What the site does not yet contain is any multi-media content from either my radio or television work but links will take you to the BBC or CNBC Asia sites related to earlier jobs. More information about online and broadcast work can be found on the specific pages and these will fill out my working career in detail.

However my brief recent CV follows:


  • Currency Investor 2010- Present Editor
  • CleanBiz.Asia 2011-Present Associate Editor and consultant
  • Project Ivor 2009-2010
  • Innovation Investment Journal (IIJ) 2010-2011 consultant
  • Finance Week 2008-2009 Editor
  • Filming ‘My Hong Kong’ – producer 2007

The foundation of my work has been writing about esoteric financial issues such as; global custody, settlement, fund administration, fund management, investment strategies. I have worked for several publications but mainly: Financial Times Mandate (1998-2006), Pensions Week (2003-2006), Financial News (1999-2006) and Personal Wealth Management. I also worked on a part-time basis for Citywire (2003-2004) a daily online financial newswire. I also produced much of the banking material for the British version of the now defunct Encarta Encyclopaedia.

Other editorial contributions have included old specialities such as acting as deputy editor on African Business (1999), travelling to Botswana to build editorial for Investors’ Guide to Botswana (2003/04) and Discover Botswana.

Older jobs and contracts for commercial work are absent here, but should you need any further details please use the contact form at the top of the page.

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Contacting Financial Journalist
Contacting Financial Journalist

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