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While my broadcasting career came first, joining the BBC on its first Broadcast training course encompassing both radio and television, online work is an increasingly important part in both my corporate and writing work.

While I have been using the internet since the early 90s, accesssing via the Unix interface, I have found a demand for web site development in researching competitors, market opportunities and, more basically, editorial.

These web site development details can be found in more detail in the Corporate section.

This section contains work that is only published as an internet presence rather than in a publication.

This includes acting as Associate Editor for CleanBiz.Asia, looking more closely at business and financial issues in the clean and green sector. It also has developed a solid knowledge of sustainable technologies and the Asian and global regulatory environment. Prior to joining the senior CleanBiz staff and taking advantage of the UK-Hong Kong time difference, I was approached to provide a column looking at environmental business issues for Asian Correspondent.

However work at financial newswire, Citywire, for technology newswire Newsbytes in 1996 or Canadian Press in 1990, might be considered an early form of ‘online’ material.

I have not included odds and sods written on a piecemeal basis for other sites.

I have also worked in various areas of broadcasting including contributing to the BBC World Service’s Africa section in the mid 1980s. Later I joined the BBC as a producer and worked on both Radio 4’s The World Tonight, its flagship current affairs programme, Newsnight and a short stint on Breakfast News.

More recently I joined NBC prior to the launch of its CNBC Asia channel in Hong Kong where I was in charge of both the midday news programme and the premier evening programme, MoneyBox. I also helped in developing editorial policy and progamming.

In 2007 and 2008 I produced and filmed a series called ‘My Hong Kong’ and a one-off programme looking at youth development through rugby in Hong Kong and Cambodia. Unfortunately neither the one-off nor the series made it to air.

While currently there are no broadcast clips on the site, this may follow.

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